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KP Group has water blasters that will remove ground in dirt, debris and general grime with the use of high water pressure. We have three methods – water blasting with a wand, water blasting with a whirly gig, or water blasting with a cyclone machine.

Wand: We use the wand when we are water blasting around machinery, walls, anything off the ground or places that aren’t accessible by scrubbing machines.

Whirly Gig: We use the Whirly Gig when we are water blasting anything on the ground – as it means we can achieve an even clean – as the Whirly Gig is at the same set distance from the ground at all times. This prevents streaky marks on the ground.

KP Group can serve your every need, and provide effective solutions to together with you make a cleaner safer world.

Steam Cleaning & Steam Blasting

KP Group has steam cleaners that will degrease and sanitise thermally instead of chemically. High temperature and pressure will kill hard surface moss, mould, mildew, green algae and bacteria deep where they hide. Plus get into all of the places that ordinary cleaning equipment can’t.

KP Group steam cleaning is environmentally safe and is the perfect solution for those that are concerned about allergies, asthma or just don’t want to be exposed to harmful chemicals.

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We provide Property Maintenance including Sweeping, Scrubbing, Steam and Water Blasting, Line-marking, Gardening, Floor Coatings and much, much more.

Originally starting as one operator and one ride on sweeping machine we have now expanded to over 30 staff and more than 50 machines. We have a large variety of different machine types and sizes to cover sites from 50 square metres to over 50,000 square metres.

We offer a wide range of extra services related to the industrial sweeping business. We also fit all of our trucks with GPS tracking devices, so we can tell you when they arrive and leave your premises.

We have the equipment and personnel to improve and make your environment cleaner and safer.

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