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Industrial sweeping services in the Northland, Auckland and Waikato has been KP Group’s core business since 1993.

With our range of different sweeping machines we have the right sweeping equipment for your site – whether it’s big or small, inside or outside, rain or shine. From our Litter-Vacs that can pick up full 2.5L bottles, to our Walk Behind sweepers that can fit down tight aisles and pick up even the smallest specs of dust – we have what you need.

KP Group based in Manukau and covering the Waikato and Auckland wide and surround regions are the leading specialists in dry filtration for ride-on and walk behind sweeping equipment. All KP Group road, car park, warehouse, and commercial & industrial sweepers are fitted with filter panels. This methodology provides unsurpassed dust control filtering to just 4 microns, so sweeping in or outside is fully controlled and environmentally friendly. We don’t create dust – we remove it!

The dust collected off the floor is trapped in the Panel Filter. Dust is removed and not re-circulated into the air and onto product. This is more environmentally friendly that manual sweeping with brooms, which just pushes the dust around. We sweep it, collect it, and remove it.

Here at KP Group we have the industrial sweeping equipment and personnel to improve and make your warehouse, car park, construction site, and roads cleaner, safer, and a healthier and happier working environment.

KP Group serves effective solutions together with you to make a cleaner safer world.

KP Group is your trusted partner in industrial sweeping

As an independently owned and operated company, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient services without causing disruptions to your operations. At KP Group we have skilled operators on our team, delivering fully customized services tailored to your unique requirements.

What you can expect from KP Group Industrial Sweeping Services

The benefits of using KP group for your industrial sweeping needs (over manual alternatives)

Industrial sweeping services such as those provided by KP Group offer many benefits over traditional broom sweeping methods. They utilize specialized ‘walk-behind’ and ‘ride-on’ machines that are specifically designed to collect debris, dirt, dust, paper, broken glass, sand, loose tire rubber, and gravel from small and large floor areas.

Faster Cleaning
Compared to broom sweeping, industrial sweeping services are much faster, covering a wider area in less time.

Superior Dust Control
Industrial sweepers have a superior dust control system that can filter and vacuum up sub-micron dust particles as small as 5 microns, which are often missed by conventional brooms.

Improved Safety and Convenience
Industrial sweepers are designed to be robust and offer a higher level of safety and convenience than manual sweeping methods. They eliminate the strain and effort of manual sweeping and can achieve far better results than brooms. Using a ride-on sweeper also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries associated with manual cleaning.

Compliance with MPI Requirements
If your facility is an Approved Transitional Facility and receives containers, keeping your yard clean and free of contamination is vital. Industrial sweeping services can help keep your facility in line with MPI requirements and ensure that your area of operation is clean and safe for staff and customers.

Compliance with Food Manufacturing Standards
Regular industrial sweeping schedules are essential for companies that manufacture or import food products. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness both internally and externally is crucial for compliance with food manufacturing standards, and industrial sweeping services can help you achieve these requirements.

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We provide Property Maintenance including Sweeping, Scrubbing, Steam and Water Blasting, Line-marking, Gardening, Floor Coatings and much, much more.

Originally starting as one operator and one ride on sweeping machine we have now expanded to over 30 staff and more than 50 machines. We have a large variety of different machine types and sizes to cover sites from 50 square metres to over 50,000 square metres.

We offer a wide range of extra services related to the industrial sweeping business. We also fit all of our trucks with GPS tracking devices, so we can tell you when they arrive and leave your premises.

We have been providing professional industrial cleaning services for over 25 years and have all the experience and expertise required to deliver exceptional results, making your environment cleaner and safer.

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