Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to provide a single invoice where multiple services are provided?

Absolutely, we send out one invoice regardless of the number of different services we provide so you don’t have to juggle through different invoices.

Are you able to sweep if it’s wet/rained?

Yes we have fully enclosed sweeping machines that operate when it is wet and raining, this can be crucial to maintaining a clean site in the winter.

Can you clean the edges?

KP Group have walk behind sweeping and scrubbing machines that are able to access smaller areas that are inaccessible to ride on machines and the scrubbing machine will also clean very close to the edges, we can discuss other available options to clean all the edges, corners and even up the walls.

Do you do emergency response if we have a spill?

We have a 24/7 emergency response number and an emergency spill check list to ensure that everyone is safe and the spill is contained as best as possible.

Do you have guarantees or warranties?

We guarantee that we will deliver the outcome discussed and agreed upon.

Do you use filters and what level of filtration do you get?

Our machines utilise High Efficiency Particulate Air (Hepa) filtration and we have equipment that filters down to 1 micron (0.001 mm).

Do you work on weekends or outside normal business hours?

Yes we are able to undertake the work at any time or day to minimise any disruption to the running of your business. We can also work on public holidays.

How much do you charge?

We price the completed job in accordance to the many variables that affect the time taken such as the condition of the floor or area to be cleaned and the amount and type of clean required to achieve the desired result. We are able to immediately provide you with an estimated cost and have a quote to you for signing within 2 hours.

KP Group FAQ

How long have you been in business?

KP Group is a family owned business and we have been in Industrial Cleaning for 20 years.

How often is this going to need to be done?

After the Initial, we will establish a trial period where we test and measure the frequency and the results to provide you with an efficient and cost effective cleaning program.

How will this look?

As every job is unique, we fully explain the various methods and equipment required to achieve the different levels of clean and agree upon the desired result.

What chemicals do you use?

Our own detergents are MPI and NZFSA approved, we are able to provide you with the MSD sheets.

What other services do you offer?

Apart from Sweeping (including low-dust sweeping), we also offer Scrubbing, Water Blasting, Steam Blasting, Litter Vacuuming, Magnetic Sweeping, Cesspit Cleaning, Emergency Spills, Building Washing, Line Marking, Floor Services, Permagrip, Concrete Repairs, Playground Markings, Lawns & Gardens, Acid Etching, Operator Training, Machinery Servicing, Cleaning Supplies and much more!

What sort of machine will you use? Electric? Petrol? LPG?

We have a full range of electric, LPG, petrol and diesel machines and equipment to satisfy all the diverse inside and outside conditions and environment that we encounter.

Where are you based?

Manukau City but we cover all areas from Whangarei to Tauranga and can cover nationally depending on the job.

Why do you do it that way?

After 20 years in the Industrial cleaning business, we have had to deal with many different cleaning challenges. We will fully discuss the different options and types of equipment that are required to achieve the various levels of clean.



Largest Inclass Machinery in the country
Industrial Ride-on
All Weather
Emission Free (Electric Range)
Walk-behind Detail Machines too



Industrial Units
Blast/Recover/Recycle options
Large Scale Municipal Blasting Options



Quality Paints
M7 Approved Products
Large Scale Projects
Roadmarking Certified
T8 Certified and NZRF



Remote Controlled Equipment
High volume dust extraction
Quality Products
Great Warranties
Low downtime options

Lawns & Gardens

Lawns & Gardens

Large scale catching capacity
Ride on and walk behind options
Low maintenance garden design options

Hire, Lease and Sale

Hire, Lease and Sale

Large range of cleaning equipment
Fantastic in-house maintenance and repair support
Competitive Rates

I have found them to be totally professional across all departments and their operators very knowledgeable. Our requirements have changed a number of times but it has been a seamless change due to the planning and communication that is put in place. Their onsite operators are very punctual and make a point of working with our team to minimise any disruption.
Pumpkin Patch | Peter McColl | Warehouse Manager
Hi Abby, Thanks very much for the great job your guys did yesterday;they are friendly, easy to deal with and professional, doing great quality work. We will recommend your company to anyone we know looking for your line of work. Thanks very much. Regards.
Cloud Manufacturing | Lilian Kyle | Cloud Manufacturing
I have no hesitation of recommending KP Group to any other companies who needs an excellent cleaning company who can meet there demands and needs for cleaning and who offer a wide range of services and machinery cleaning equipment. They have always provided us with a service that is reliable and efficient and is a very professional company to deal with.
The New Zealand Comfort Group | Derek Goodenough | Property Services Coordinator
I have been dealing with KP for around 4 years now and the level of service just keeps getting better and better, like a good old bottle of wine. KP might not be the cheapest option out there but your outfit sure as hell make up for with service delivery, job knowledge and longserving team members who understand customers needs. Keep up the good work, much appreciated.
Tegel Henderson | Warehouse Manager
It is very convenient to have one company taking care of so many areas of our village maintenance. Well done on your efficient operating systems and we look forward to continuing to work with KP Group as our village approaches completion.
Vision Dannemora | Karyn Armstrong | Manager
KP Group have always been flexible and responsive to our needs and has provided practical advice and proactive solutions.
Stihl | Frans Beever | Warehouse Manager
Hi David, Just a quick thanks for the frequent visits, topping up our cleaning stock and persistently encouraging the review and resolution of issues surrounding our cleaning program. Since obtaining the scrubbing machine, and with your guidance, we have seen an improvement in the worst area of our warehouse floor cleanliness, which is very positive.
Delmaine Fine Foods | Angela Iona | Warehouse Manager
I would recommend KP unreservedly to anyone requiring a professional job, where results and value for money are important.
Aperio Epic | Nereshan Pillay | Manufacturing Manage
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We provide Property Maintenance including Sweeping, Scrubbing, Steam and Water Blasting, Line-marking, Gardening, Floor Coatings and much, much more.

Originally starting as one operator and one ride on sweeping machine we have now expanded to over 30 staff and more than 50 machines. We have a large variety of different machine types and sizes to cover sites from 50 square metres to over 50,000 square metres.

We offer a wide range of extra services related to the industrial sweeping business. We also fit all of our trucks with GPS tracking devices, so we can tell you when they arrive and leave your premises.

We have been providing professional industrial cleaning services for over 25 years and have all the experience and expertise required to deliver exceptional results, making your environment cleaner and safer.

Serious About Industrial Safety & Cleaning
Servicing Auckland & The Upper North Island

Industrial Sweeping & Scrubbing

  • Industrial Floor Sweeping
  • Floor Scrubbing Auckland
  • Steam & Water Blasting Services
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaning
  • Building Washing Services Auckland
  • Drain Cleaning & Industrial Cesspit Cleaning
  • Spill Recovery, Response & Flood Cleanup
  • Line Marking Auckland
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Industrial Lawns & Garden Maintenance
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