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Our industrial floor sweepers for hire are specifically designed to cater to the needs of commercial warehouses and other large-scale facilities, providing effective cleaning solutions to keep your floors spotless and safe.

They are easy to operate and require minimal training.

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe working environment. That’s why we have a range of sweepers to cater to different needs, including ride-on and walk-behind sweepers for hire. Our sweepers are available for hire at competitive rates, and we offer flexible rental periods to suit your business needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about our rental options and how we can help you keep your facility clean and safe.

Available for Hire:

Hako Sweepmaster 650

The Hako Sweepmaster 650 is a vacuum sweeper designed for industrial and commercial spaces. With a cleaning performance of up to 2,600 m²/h, and up to 3,525 m²/h when equipped with a side broom, it is capable of delivering effective cleaning results on hard floors and carpets. The machine utilizes an overhead throwing principle to ensure maximum filling of the dirt hopper, allowing for uninterrupted working and efficient sweeping. The Sweepmaster 650 is built with a heavy-duty steel frame, making it a durable and reliable option for maintaining clean floors in industrial and commercial settings.

Tennant 6200

The 6200 Compact Ride-On Sweeper is a battery-powered, mid-size sweeper that is engineered with high-quality Tennant parts to deliver virtually continuous operation. With its solid steel frame, multi-level dump hopper, clear sightlines, and easy-to-use controls, it can capture dust and debris in a single pass. The machine is also designed to operate quietly.

Hako Sweepmaster 1200

The Hako Sweepmaster 1200 RH is a ride-on vacuum sweeper designed for industrial floor cleaning. It is equipped with advanced technology made in Germany and provides a cleaning performance of up to 10,300 m²/h, making it an efficient option for sweeping production halls, empty floor spaces, or paved outdoor areas. The machine’s high climbing ability allows it to clean multi-story car parks and access ramps with ease. The Sweepmaster 1200 RH offers both excellent performance and economic efficiency in industrial floor cleaning, making it a reliable and effective solution for businesses looking to maintain clean and safe working environments.

Tennant S20

The S20 Compact Ride-On Sweeper is a powerful machine that can perform exceptionally well in both indoor and outdoor settings, even in harsh environments. The machine is equipped with innovative Tennant technologies that help to extend run times, improve operator safety, and simplify maintenance, which ultimately reduces costs. Additionally, the machine offers an optional HEPA filtration system that can help manage silica dust.

Tennant S30

The S30 Ride-On Sweeper is a powerful machine that can pick up everything from cement dust to heavy debris. With Tennant’s three-stage SweepMax® Plus dust control system, it can deliver maximum performance and consistent cleaning results in tough indoor or outdoor applications. Optional HEPA filtration system can help manage silica dust.

Hako Citymaster 600

The Citymaster 600 is built to perform well and last long in tough conditions while providing comfort for the operator. The sweeper has a powerful and safe performance, as well as the ability to fit into tight areas. Its one-button operation and quick-change attachments make it easy to use, and the comfortable cabin sets it apart from other sweepers in its class. The Citymaster 600 has a small turning radius of 700mm and high ground clearance, making it suitable for inaccessible areas. Its capacity for debris and litter is unmatched by any comparable industrial sweeper on the market.

Hako Citymaster 1250

The Hako Citymaster 1250 Scrubber Sweeper is designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional street and footpath cleaning. This compact sweeper can be converted into a large-capacity scrubber, making it a versatile tool for thorough cleaning even in limited space. The Citymaster 1250 Scrubber Sweeper scrubs and dries floors, footpaths, and malls, leaving them immediately dry for foot traffic. It is an excellent solution for maintaining a high level of cleanliness in areas such as footpaths, malls, and plazas, multi-story and underground car parks, and market squares.

Unlike industrial scrubber sweepers, which require trailers to transport them to the site and have limited ground clearance, the Citymaster 1250 Scrubber Sweeper can travel independently to the site with a top speed of 30km/h and a massive 150mm ground clearance. It can easily deploy onto footpaths without the aid of pram ramps.

The Citymaster 1250 Scrubber Sweeper has an integrated chemical dosing system and a water carrying capacity of 400 liters when fully loaded. The machine meters the correct dosage, preventing chemical wastage and ensuring a consistent clean, eliminating the need for manual handling of chemicals by operators.

Hako Citymaster 1600

The Citymaster 1600 is a multi-functional machine designed from the ground up, making it the world’s first of its kind. The 1600’s unique engineering combines features previously only available in larger sweepers while still allowing for easy footpath sweeping with a total weight of 3.5t.

The machine has several features that include one-button operation, full break-away brushes for impact protection, no-tool quick-change system for attachments, a larger capacity than standard sweepers, full-suspension chassis and AGR rating to prevent back injury, permanent all-wheel drive with automatic load and slip compensation, a travel speed of 40km/h, large tyres that can easily mount kerbs, and an articulated and versatile design.


Hako Citymaster 2000

The Hako-Citymaster 2000 is a high-end compact sweeping vehicle designed for flexible, all-year operation, offering urban cleaning with low service-life costs. The machine has a low-consumption, EURO 5 engine that sets new standards with regard to durability, reliability, and efficiency. The 2-brush system has a working width of up to 2.50m and hydraulically driven disk brushes that can be individually adjusted for speed, pressure, and working width from the driver’s seat. The 3-brush system available provides extra flexibility to enable cleaning under park benches and footsteps.

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